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Akurra is a block pushing puzzle and exploration game inspired by games like Zelda, Star Tropics, and Chip’s Challenge. It is being developed by Jason Newman, with music by Craig Collver.

I started developing Akurra solo about a year ago for fun in my free time. It was just a simple Chip’s Challenge clone at first, but evolved over time. A few months ago I got to a point where my friends could play the game. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and made me decide to pursue the development of this game seriously.

My childhood best friend Craig, played the game and loved it. He’s a great musician and decided to help me by creating some amazing music that sets the theme nicely.

Our goal is to get this game funded through Kickstarter, and we are very excited to see what people think of it!


Our Team

Jason Newman

Jason has been making games for his friends since childhood. It started with outdoor games inspired by Zelda, and over time he created pencil and paper games, D&D campaigns, and video games with RPG Maker, the Warcraft III World Editor, and Game Maker. Now he is putting everything he has into this project with the hopes of being able to develop games full time. His personal website can be found here.

Craig Collver

Craig has been playing drums since he was a kid, and making music as a hobby for more than a decade when he started making music for his own skate videos. Now he is making some amazing music for Akurra and hopes to make more music for future games. He has enjoyed the challenge of making thematic music that is outside his normal style of music. His Sound Cloud can be found here.